Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Masak Lomak Cili Padi

Sedapnya makan gulai lomak cili padi kat negeri lepas lapan. Pokat santannya is the best. No argument. But the most important we have get it there. Kalau tak.....santan express ajelah. It is some exprienced that man whom marriaged their girl should have more than at least eight inches long; whereby it they called it masuk suku meant they already penetrated 2 inch. What a great deal.

Orang dulu-dulu cakap siapa kawin dengan orang negeri ini kena queen control... iya ke? Queen control ni tak kirapun dari negeri mane? Ade juga orang Pahang, Kedah, KL, dan sebagainya.

Ade juga orang cakap kena berkira-kira kalau nak ambil bisnes partner dgn orang-orang suku ni....sebab tak penuh ke? Sometimes it is seemed people eager with the post name rather than anything else>@# It will end up the office will left 3 normal staff and the rest all managers. Patutke? What is people expectation to such managers? Pity me..

Or else it is some little upset why we should easily entrusted people without our trust...

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